Updated User Interface

A variety of interface enhancements provide a more modern and familiar look and feel and more control over the working environment including; all new professionally developed small and large size button icons,  selectable color themes, enhanced toolbar customization and user-definable hotkeys.

Improved 3D Z Contour Roughing

Integration of Planit 3D Machining Engine. Many new and enhanced machining techniques and parameters including:

New Spiral machining method, New option to automatically close open pockets for Contour pocketing method, New options to specify Climb or Conventional cutting method, much improved tool path link methods, new option to avoid rollover on the edges of open pockets, New high speed cornering option and new trochoidal option for full-width moves.

Simple 2½D Exact Engraving

True “ramping” of internal corners with Taper tools. Ideal for art type work as well as simulated raised panel doors.

Enhancements to Essential

Machining Styles functionality has been added to all Essential modules. A Machining Style is a set of operations that have been stored for later reuse.  Utilizing Machining Styles greatly increases productivity by decreasing the time to generate tool paths.

3D Mouse Support

ALPHACAM 2010 R1 now supports 3Dconnexion’s 3D mice.  These devices give the user increased control and intuitive navigation when working in a 3D environment.  For more information on these devices, please visit www.3dconnexion.com.

CAD to CAM 2.0 Add-In

The CAD to CAM 2.0 add-in provides new functionality which allows the user to define User Layer ↔ Machining Style mapping schemes for batch processing (machining and nesting) of layered DXF files or ALPHACAM drawings.  Now included with all Mill, Router, Stone product levels at no additional cost!

Raster to Vector Add-In

Improved Raster to Vector add-in incorporates a new engine, providing much better results.  Now included with all product levels at no additional cost!

Windows 7

ALPHACAM 2010 R1 has been tested for compatibility with Windows 7, the next generation of the Windows operating system

General Enhancements

  • Stone module now contains Peck Drilling functionality
  • Profiled Side Machining functionality is now available in the Standard level modules
  • Apply Compensation on Rapid Approach/Retract option now available with the Machine Holes command (Advanced level +)
  • Added support for importing binary DXF files
  • Much improved hole and contour feature extraction