New Cylindrical Parallel 3D Machining Strategy

Support for rotary cutting functionality in Mill, Router, and Stone modules.  Fixed XY, YZ, XZ rotational orientation in Standard and Advanced levels of Mill, Router and Stone and full 4-axis support in Ultimate levels of Lathe, Mill, Router, and Stone.

New Z Contour Roughing Strategy for 2D Pocketing

Usage of the Planit Z Contour Roughing engine for 2D pocketing, provides all the power and efficiency of 3D Z Contour Roughing, such as climb or conventional cutting, tool path links, high speed cornering and more, without the need for Solids/Surfaces.

New Rough/Finish Options to Produce Multiple Roughing Cuts

Enhanced Rough/Finish options to produce multiple horizontal (XY) roughing cuts in a single process.

New Wrap Around Geometry Functionality

Designed to complement the existing Wrap onto Surface feature, without the need for surfaces. Allows wrapping of a variety of objects, such as 2D geometry, 3D polylines, splines, surfaces, STLs, and 2D/3D/5-axis tool paths, around any 2D geometry.

New Geometry Editing Tools

New Fabricate editing tools, such as Cut, Crop, Subtract, etc., provide advanced manipulation of 2D geometry.

Solid Support for Cut Spline/Polyline

4/5-axis tool angle can now be controlled by Solid Faces or Solid Bodies, in addition to Surfaces. This provides a much more reliable and cleaner result when compared to Surfaces and eliminates the need to create Surfaces from Solid Faces. Solids are also now supported within the Edit Tool Angle command within the Ultimate modules.

Solid Support for 3D Project and Wrap

Geometries and/or toolpaths can now be projected to or wrapped onto Solid Bodies.

Enhanced Tool Side and Automatic Start Point Options

New options to automatically set tool side and start point for closed geometries.

Enhancements to Standard Level of Mill, Router, Stone

  • STL support, including STL Utilities
  • 3D Solid Machining for STL parts
  • Machining Configuration support for tool/part movement and rotation

General Enhancements

  • AutoCAD 2010 file support
  • Additional improvements to Z Contour Roughing
  • Extend 3D Polyline to Solids
  • Animation during viewpoint changes and zooming commands
  • Lead-In/Out line support for centreline tool paths
  • CAD to CAM enhancements