Aspire for ALPHACAM

  • A very exciting new partnership brings a special version of Vectric's award winning Aspire software for artistic 3D design which has a direct link with ALPHACAM.
  • Combining the Aspire designing tools with the ALPHACAM machining features makes for a very powerful combination.

Continued Improvements to Tool Path Associativity and Operation Editing/Updating

  • All machining operation types are now fully editable.  This includes all machining Add-Ins (e.g., Face Milling, Thread Milling, Boring Along 2D Line, etc.) which also now support operation editing functions, Machining Styles, etc.
  • New operation commands provide the ability to regain associativity if lost.  This is particularly useful for Partial Machining operations and Turning cycles.
  • Tool Axis Conversion can now be applied to an operation directly from within the Project Manager.  In addition, these settings are now stored (associated) with the operation and can be easily edited or updated as needed.
  • New API components provide the ability for tool path operations generated by user add-ins (e.g., VBA macros) to support associativity, editing and updating.  Including Machining Styles, adding geometry, copying operations, boundaries, etc.

New Constant Cusp 3D Machining Strategy

  • New Constant Cusp 3D machining strategy gives a consistent surface finish over the entire part. 
  • The use of Guide Curves support provides precise directional control of the machining direction to maximize surface finish and control over the number of offset passes helps target specific areas of the part

Solid Viewing Support for All Modules/Levels

  • Solid bodies contained within ALPHACAM drawings are now visible and maintained in all ALPHACAM product levels, including Alphacad and the new ALPHACAM Shop Floor Editor (formerly Alphaview+). This prevents loss of data when working between multiple levels of ALPHACAM as well as enhanced realism when checking parts on the shop floor.

Refreshed ALPHACAM APM User Interface

  • The ALPHACAM Automated Parametric Manufacturing (APM) user interface has been updated to coincide with ALPHACAM’s core look and feel.  This includes updated toolbars and graphics, as well as support for visual themes and large icons.

Part Modeler Enhancements

  • New optional CAD loader that allows Creo Parametric models to be loaded into Part Modeler
  • Improved working with Surface Finish Attributes
  • New Helical Groove feature
  • New Emboss/Engrave feature
  • Threads on models can now be rendered
  • Improved editing procedures

General Enhancements

  • Simulation improvements
  • Links for Multiple X/Y Cuts
  • CLS licensing enhancements
  • GUI and ease of use enhancements
  • API enhancements
  • General maintenance
  • Many more…