ALPHACAM Latest Release - 2013 R2

This page contains a general overview of the new features within ALPHACAM 2013 R2. Please see the ALPHACAM 2013 R2 Release Notes for additional, important information, including an extensive listing of all new product features, enhancements, changes, fixes as well as post processor and API enhancements.


Windows 8 Support

ALPHACAM 2013 R2 has been tested for compatibility with Windows 8, the next generation of the Windows operating system.
Please note that ALPHACAM is not designed for Windows RT.

New Solid Simulator

ALPHACAM 2013 R2 introduces the initial implementation of a new solid simulation module. This new module brings many improvements and includes support for the following...
  • Machine Configuration components
  • Milling/routing operations
  • 3 axis machining
  • 4/5 axis positioning
  • 4/5 axis simultaneous
  • Nutated head/table combinations
  • Additional XY part rotation combinations

New NC Output Manager Add-In

This new add-in provides enhanced NC output functionality, including the following...
  • Output via single or multiple preset configurations
  • File location
  • File type
  • Post processor
  • Output of specific operation setups to separate NC files

API Expansion

Many add-ins can now be controlled programmatically through the ALPHACAM Add-Ins 1.0 Type Library, providing additional support/flexibility for special projects or bespoke applications.
  • AutoQueries
  • AutoStyles
  • NC Output Manager
  • Raster to Vector
  • Reports
  • Split Nest

BTL Translator - Additional Process Report

The BTL Translator (add-in) has been improved to contain layout output configurations as well as support the following processes...
  • Birds Mouth
  • Ridge or Valley Cut
  • Lap Joint
  • Free Contour

Cabinet Door Panelling (CDM) Enhancements

  • New Handle Drilling functionality
  • Nesting Zones support
  • Performance improvements with large databases

Part Modeler Enhancements

All Part Modeler CAD Loaders are now included in the Part Modeler license.

  • NX, ACIS, Inventor, CATIA V5, Creo Parametric
Move Faces command
  • Move pockets and bosses around the model. They can either be moved from the original CAD datum position or relative to a user defined position using the Translation and Rotation options.
  • Modify areas of features, for example, pocket walls and boss heights, on an imported 3rd party model. Individual faces can be moved using Translation and Rotation in X, Y or Z or a combination of these.
  • These enhancements will greatly improve preparation for manufacture when working with 3rd party models.
3D Mirror command
  • Copy (New) - Copies the entities and keeps the original entities. Note: All associated features such as thread data and surface finish will be copied. If the original entities are edited, the copied (mirrored) entities will not be updated.
  • Move (New) - Moves the entities about a defined mirror plane.
  • Reference - Copies the entities and keeps the original entities. Note: If the original entities are edited, the copied (mirrored) entities will be updated. Any associated features such as thread data will not be transferred
Analyse Profile command
  • When a profile to be extruded or swept includes gaps and/or overlaps it can be analysed to identify them.
  • The Analyse Profile dialog has been enhanced to improve the feedback and make it easier to identify the issues.

General Enhancements

  • Cylindrical Profiling machining method has been migrated down from the Ultimate level modules into the Advanced level modules
  • New Program Stop command
  • New Find Operation Text command
  • Automatic Support Tag improvements
  • Oscillation improvements
  • Reports improvements
  • Waves add-in - new option to automatically link/blend XY wave lines
  • Split Nest add-in - Save Sheets to Drawings command now supports sheets created by the Paneling command
  • Many API enhancements
  • Much more...