ALPHACAM 2013 R2 Update Training Agenda

2013 R1Recap

Module Selectable launch screen.
Drilling options
Drill chamfering cycle
Automatic support tags
Rough/Finish Oscillation
Combined Pocket and Rough/Finish command
Reporting Engine for User Created/Configurable reports
Associative materials for 3D Z contour Roughing
Side angle tilt in tool axis conversion for Normal to options
New Operation Commands
Multiple Nesting Zones for small part
Automatic Panelling for large components
BTL Import Macro

2013 R2 New and Improved Features

CAD Translators
Current solid versions 2013 R2
Clear Memory Update
General Settings Update
New NC Output Manager Macro
Rough or Finish Oscillation
New Solid Simulation module
3D Machining Update
3D Project Update
3D Part Rotation Update
Save Selected Macro Update
Blend Geometries Macro Update
Input CAD Extensions Add-in update
Waves Macro Update
Reports Update
AlphaEdit Tool Bar Macro
Lathe Updates
BTL Macro Update
Macros Superseded and removed


Blend Geometries
Wave Geometries    
New Simulator
Drilling and Chamfering
Automatic Support Tags
Combine Pocket and Finish and Oscillation
Fabricate Unite and Containing Loop
Query example
Auto Style Example