Solid Lathe Tools and Turrets

Full support for Solid, STL and extruded Geometry type tooling and Turrets. Support for Rotary, Linear and tool changer type turrets, multiple turret and spindle support with full synchronization and simulation. B and Y axis support.

Turning Enhancements

New functionality includes:
The Part-Off cycle is now supported on bottom turret
Editable Lead-in/Out for Balanced Finishing
Project Manager – Option to edit Lead In/Out on Finishing Operations
New Angle settings option for Auto Lead-In/Out

Multi - Processing of 3D Machining Operations

New functionality includes:
The ability to do 3D machining in the background.
Abort a 3D machining process.
Several 3D machining operations can now be processed at the same time. The operations tab shows which are being processed and the user can now abort and then edit parameters and restart.

Improved Tool Selection Dialog

Improved dialog to remember/store the size of the columns and how they were sorted (name, number, type, etc) Common Dialog across all modules, Additional Columns to support both Milling and Turning Tool information.
Tools can also be selected from loaded turrets.
CDM Improvements
The ALPHACAM Report Engine is now supported in addition to existing CDM Reports. Bespoke reports and labels can now be created to display CDM specific data.
Other CDM Enhancements:
Run a generic custom VBA macro for each part that is processed.
The ability to copy contents of one CDM order to another.

APM Improvements

The ability to “trim” a fitting file using another fitting file. Components such as doors with machined grooves can be trimmed using a different fitting file (such as an aperture or letter plate) with a variable distance. This reduces unnecessary machining, and allows a flat area to be created for the ironmongery to be attached.

BTL Translator

New BTL Translator processes:
Dovetail Mortise and Tenon
House Mortise
Extraction of components for nesting