ALPHACAM 2014 R2 - Key Features

Feature Extraction

New intuitive graphical user interface for Automatic Feature Extraction. The use of tabs, descriptive images for each and every command and explanatory tool-tips greatly improve navigation through and use of the commands.

Enhancements to Feature include improve partial hole extraction, new developed diameter extraction for lathe and support for the F4 ‘Close & Finish’ key when 2D and 3D edge extracting.


5-Axis Toolpath Optimiser

The new 5-Axis Optimiser improves 4 & 5-Axis simultaneous toolpaths. Calculating the shortest rotary axis moves eliminates rollover wherever possible resulting in improved simulation, toolpath accuracy and part surface finish. Retraction from the part when rotary axis limits are reached is now automatic.  Another benefit of this command is the simplification of 5-Axis Post Processor creation.


Clamps and Fixtures

Major improvements to moving Clamps & Fixtures. Clamps can now be constrained by a single geometry ensuring interference checking is undertaken at the optimum position on the clamp.  Material to check against can be of any shape and clamps can now pop up and down to represent releasing and gripping of the material.



New No Nest Zones allow users to identify bad (damaged) areas of single or multiple sheets which are then avoided when nesting. Apertures within parts can also now be avoided to stop small parts within them moving, for example. New Kit function allows parts to be grouped together to aid their retrieval after nesting and part identification on the sheet.


User Interface

• New Tool Images in Router, Mill and Lathe
• CAD Inputs added to Recently Used File List
• CAD Inputs in Alphabetical Order
• Fractional Dimensions Option Available
• Insert Program Stop now supported in Lathe