3D Advanced Functionality

Course Content

3D Surface Types 
Ruled Surface 
Swept Surface 2 Curves  
Swept Surface 3 Curves 
Surface of Revolution 
Coons Patch 3 Curves 
Coons Patch 4 Curves 
The Taper 
The Flat Bottom 
The Curved top 
Manipulation of 2D geometries to 3D geometries 
Surface Creation
Work Volume
Work Plane
2D Work Planes
Machining Geometries on Work Planes
Manipulation of data between Work Planes
To move or copy data from ‘Flat Land’ to a Work Plane
To move or copy data from Work Plane to Work Plane
To Rotate in 3D
To Mirror in 3D
4-axis Work Volume showing A-axis rotation
4-axis Work Volume showing B-axis rotation
4-axis Work Volume showing C-axis rotation
4-axis Work Volume showing rotating horizontal head
5-axis Work Volume showing rotating head
Creating the Part Geometry
Open the Demo Drawing
Machining Operations
Machining Times and Equipment
Set-Up Options
Operation 1
     Z Contour Roughing
Operation 2
     Rough Machine Surface
Operation 3
     Finish Machine Surface

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