Advanced Machining Functions

This 2 hour online course will explore some of the more common but relatively unknown Advanced Machining techniques available in Standard modules or higher of ALPHACAM.

Course Description

An experienced ALPHACAM Training Engineer will guide you through the added benefits of doing Sloping, Profiled and Auto Z machining with the typical everyday Rough/Finish or Pocketing routines. Expand your knowledge of doing Partial machining with Rough/Finish routines. Receive an in-depth technical explanation of 3D Polylines including how to create them, how to extract them from external cad input, and how to edit and machine the 3D Polylines. We will also discuss some of the more popular Edit Machining options available to you like adjusting rapids, editing feed rates and applying support tags.

What others are saying about our AMF course

"Nice refresher and learned some useful info...very useful, I hope you guys continue webinars. They are very beneficial and convenient."
- BMC West

"Very informative, well taught, the printed information given with the class made the difference in understanding and preparing for the lesson. PLEASE continue these online courses."
- Morgan Trim

"Very Helpful. I had to design a mold for a job using one cnc software because I did not know how to do it in ALPHACAM. This is some of what I was looking for. I look forward to future courses."
- Gladstone Construction Inc.

"Well structured and presented. Very informative. I found that there are many functions that I do not use that I will definitely start to use more often."
- Zircar Zirconia Inc.

"Very helpful, I was familiar with several features, but learned more in depth. Very clear- and having the pdf workbook to follow along was very helpful. Informative. Easy to follow along."
- Impressions Architectural Millwork

"It was informative and well presented. I have 4+ years experience using ALPHACAM but am always looking learning new tricks, shortcuts, pitfalls, etc."
- Rockwood Door

"Nice new techniques to try."
- Polycel Inc.


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