Introductory ALPHACAM Training

Introductory ALPHACAM Training (IAT) is a mandatory prerequisite for all other ALPHACAM training courses. This 3-day course will provide users with the foundation they need to maximize the productivity of their business and of the ALPHACAM software. IAT is designed so that virtually every user who has basic computer and CNC machining knowledge can apply fundamental ALPHACAM software applications to the daily production of their business.

As with all training classes, IAT is taught by an accredited ALPHACAM instructor. The instructor will walk each student through the tutorial, answering questions and providing software tips throughout the class. To allow each student to take full advantage of the course, each class will accommodate up to 8 students. This enables the instructor to pay special attention to each student and create a comfortable learning atmosphere for both the student and the instructor.

The objective of this class is to familiarize students with basic features of ALPHACAM software. This class is excellent for those learning ALPHACAM for the first time as well as experienced users who would like a refresher course. Understanding IAT is essential for all students who plan to participate in other ALPHACAM courses so they can take full advantage of the softwares functionality.

Course Content

ALPHACAM Installation Guide
ALPHACAM General Knowledge

Manual Captions Explanation
Cartesian Coordinate System
Process Planning
Tutorial Geometry Examples      
      Set Geometry Z Levels 
Saving a Drawing File
Individual Geometry Creation Exercises
Constrained Parametric Sketching
       What Can and Cannot be Constrained
       Constraints Project Manager Page 
       Constraints Application Method and Important Notes 
       Constraint Types 
       Constraints Demo 
       Standard Drilling Routine
       Lead In/Out
Verifying Tool Paths       
       3D View
       Project Manager Simulation Tab
       Set Materials
       Contour Pocket
       Spiral Pocket
3D Engraving  
       Raised Letter Engraving
       Plunge Letter Engraving
Tool Paths and Constrained Parametric Sketching
Creating a G-Code Program
Machining Styles
       True Shape Nesting
       Define Part Parameters
       Define Sheet Parameters
       Nesting Parameters
       Nest List
       Saving a Nest List
Style-Layer Processing       
       Getting Started
       Style-Layer Processing Example
       Layer Assignments
       Part List Verification
       Reports and Labels
       Machining Parameter

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